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Dam Install and Removal Dates                   for the lower Russian River

Install date for the Johnson's Beach seasonal summer dam begins on the 15th of June 2024.

Install date for the Vacation Beach seasonal summer dam begins on the 18th of June 2024.

 2024 Dam Notification AS OF 5/3/24:

The Guerneville area Seasonal Summer Dams at Vacation Beach and Johnson's Beach will start impounding water as follows; locations up-river from these dams will experience rise in current river water levels...plan accordingly.

Johnson's Beach - Per our governing permits to hold back water, we are scheduled to start impounding water at site, Saturday 6/15. Complete filling by Monday 6/17 is predicated.

Vacation Beach - Scheduled to start impounding water at site, Tuesday 6/18. Complete filling by Friday 6/21 predicted.

All dates subject to change. Flows at HAC have been dropping and are expected to continue lowering hopefully to the 400cfs needed by District crews to safely enter water during timber installation. With 45 days prior to holding back water, we are currently @ 724cfs at Hacienda Bridge today, 100cfs+ lower than last year at this time.


Russian River Recreation & Park District

John Condon - Maintenance Supervisor